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Product Category: Disinfectants


Dalkleen offer several different grades of disinfectant in both commercial and hospital grades.

Dalkleen’s commercial grade disinfectants are fragranced, general purpose disinfectants that smell good and are perfect for toilets and bathrooms as well as anywhere that might benefit from a clean, fresh smell after you are finished cleaning.

Hospital grade disinfectants are a step above commercial grade in ‘proven effectiveness’ however they will often be fragrance free due to patients sensitivity. These hospital grade disinfectants are available in grades to best fit your organisational procedures and / or certification requirements. Certain hospital grade disinfectants can make certain claims with respect to their proven effectiveness against pathogens. These disinfectants hold TGA ratings which allow you to map your cleaning outcomes to specific ISO requirements.

Depending on your procedures, you can now break the chain of infection with one a one step sanitiser and disinfectant using Oxivir TB with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide. It is safer and more user friendly to apply compared to traditional bleach based products with the only surface residual being water. Cleaning with Oxivir TB with Accelerated hydrogen Peroxide takes significantly less time to achieve a quantifiable clean saving you time and money.

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