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Floor Cleaning

The Diversey brand floor cleaners and daily maintainers are a Brand that customers can rely on for effective floor cleaning

Light Daily Floor Cleaners

There are ph neutral detergents for general floor cleaning which are ideal for general traffic vinyl floors in hallways and offices, nursing homes and hospitals. Detergents usually leave behind a small amount of residue which can build up over time. This build up can attract dirt that becomes trapped between cleaning layers, the result is a dull, un-clean floor which may also increase the risk of a slip hazard. Rinsing after you mop with a detergent overcomes these build up issues, however Dalkleen also offer a non-rinse floor cleaning formula that will save you time in your floor cleaning schedule.

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaners

Kitchen floors and high traffic areas typically require a deeper clean than other floors. Kitchen floors in particular can become greasy with oils and food spills thus heavy duty degreaser based floor cleaners containing a little caustic are perfect for this application. Regardless of the floor type, Dalkleen have a solution to make light work out of cleaning your floors.

Floor Surface Maintenance Chemicals

All hard floor surfaces can be sealed and polished to prevent dirt and grime from becoming embedded in the surface. Daily traffic and cleaning of your floors causes errosion of the sealer. The use of a daily maintainer smooths out the surface to allow a high gloss to be restored. Eventually, the break down of the sealer will reach a point where it requires stripping and re-sealing to create a fresh polished surface once again. Dalkleen supply strippers, sealers and polishers along with advanced cleaning machines to help you easily maintain a high level of floor cleanliness over time.

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