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Break the chain of infection with a one step sanitiser and disinfectant using Oxivir TB with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide. It is safer and more user friendly to apply compared to traditional bleach based products with the only surface residual being water. Cleaning with Oxivir TB with Accelerated hydrogen Peroxide takes significantly less time to achieve a quantifiable clean saving you time and money.

Oxivir Tb Wipes have now been tested and approved as safe and effective by GE Healthcare for their ultrasound transducers.

GE are the world’s largest manufacturer of ultrasound equipment. Ultrasound and cardiac echocardiography is technologically very advanced medical imaging using sound waves that emanate from a hand-held transducer (a “probe”) and are reflected back off an organ or muscle then transformed by the ultrasound machine into a picture.

Transducers are VERY expensive and very fragile. They get contaminated easily because they are used externally and internally on the body. A typical ultrasound operator (sonographer) will use up to 5 different shaped transducers per examination. GE currently has their own UV “oven” designed to disinfect transducers. But it takes 60 minutes for the cycle to complete. That reduces the sonographers’ productivity. Now, sonographers are able to disinfect their transducers with ONE WIPE and in ONE MINUTE, so Oxivir Tb Wipes being approved as safe and effective by GE Healthcare for their ultrasound transducers is a real game changer.

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