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Product Category: Mops and Buckets


Our mop range covers two types of colour coded professional cleaning mops in a standard design and extra heavy duty hospital grade. Both styles are a looped design.

The heavy duty hospital mop, known as a Duraclean mop is more highly absorbent with a slightly different blend of yarn for ultimate grime lifting power. Unlike a the standard round mop head, the yarn spreads out flat in a butterfly shape for improved coverage and to allow it to more easily travel through the mop wringer.

Both mops are available in cleaning colour codes of yellow (infection control), blue (general cleaning), green (kitchen) and red (bathrooms).


The buckets we stock are a highly effective wringer type where you stand on the pedal and pull the mop through the wringer head. They are commercial quality, cost effective and like the mops, they are available in different cleaning coded colours

Mop Handles

Dalkleen also stock standard colour coded mop handles.

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