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Jonmaster Microfibre Cleaning System

Microfibre is a chemical free, cleaning system for areas in which you wish to eliminate or minimise chemical use. Microfibre works by physically removing dirt and surface pathogens by trapping it in the delicate fibres.

The integrity of the clean achievable with microfibre will be defined by the quality of the cloth, the condition of the fibres in your microfibre cloth and the training of your people. It is important to note that microfibre can be deeply affected by many cleaning chemicals, so you need to be aware and use only products that are approved for use with microfibre. When laundering your microfibre equipment you must only use a recommended product. These are all available from Dalkleen.

On Site Microfibre Cleaning Systems Training

Jonmaster Microfibre is a highly effective chemical free cleaning system by Diversey. Like all cleaning systems, your success will be dependant on appropriately trained cleaning technicians so it is critical that training be effective and affordable. Dalkleen provide on site microfibre training to make it easy for your team to clean effectively and succeed with the Jonmaster Microfibre system.

Microfibre Cloth and Mop Boxes

The Jonmaster microfibre cleaning system works with special colour coded cloth boxes that match the colour coded cloths and mops to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. As microfibre typically requires no chemicals to clean*, all that is required is to add the prescribed amount of water to a box of clean cloths to moisten them to the required level for cleaning and you are ready to go.

*Microfibre safe chemicals may be used for certain cleaning criteria. E.g. Oxivir with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide which kills bacteria, virus and fungi.

Jonmaster Microfibre Cleaning Trolley

A Jonmaster microfibre cleaning trolley makes it easy to succeed with the Jonmaster microfibre cleaning system. It is specially designed to store and carry all of your colour coded cloth and mop boxes along with everything else required in the Jonmaster microfibre cleaning system. Available in two sizes – small or large.

To learn more and assess if a Jonmaster microfibre cleaning system might be suitable for your business, contact the Dalkleen team today for a complimentary consultation.

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